“Accepting” Christ

The English word used in Colossians 2:6 (NLT) by itself doesn’t quite capture the full and complete essence of what it means when a Christ-follower invites someone to “accept” Jesus Christ, the Son of God, as their Savior. To someone unfamiliar with why they need a Savior, this may seem like a very odd way to come into an intimate relationship with God… that is, until you dig into the Greek word used in Colossians 2:6. It was my full intention to read through verse 10 today, but I simply had to stop after verses 6 and 7 after digging into verse 6, and I simply had to share this with you today.


The Greek word translated into “accept” (NLT) or “received” (KJV/NIV) comes from the Greek word: paralambano.


The word has a far deeper, richer meaning when you look at the original Greek word, expanded.  The word means:

“To receive near; that is, to associate with oneself (in any familiar or intimate act or relation). Figuratively, the word means to learn, receive and/or take.”

There is a ton of beautiful imagery associated with this word that helps anyone to understand what it means to “accept/receive” Christ. There is deliberate intent to move intimately closer to Christ in order to learn from Him, receive (grace, forgiveness, and love) from Him, and to take the joy and eternal life that He has to offer someone. The imagery is very similar to how I understood my deliberate act of “accepting or receiving” my bride when we were married. It was deliberate, intentional, and driven by a desire for a deeper level of intimacy. To “accept” Christ means essentially the very same thing. It goes way beyond one simple English word.

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Climatological Nadir

Be encouraged. We are approaching the dates on which the coldest set of normal highs and lows occur. Granted there isn’t much change in January, but we will start inching our way out of seeing the coldest normals on January 19th.


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Great Tune

This is one of several awesome CCM songs that I recently downloaded from iTunes.

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Snow In Weird Places

Southern Italy is experiencing unusually wintry weather. In Rome, arctic-inspired winds brought temperatures as low as minus eight degrees Celsius. For the first time in almost 20 years, cities such as Palermo woke up under a white blanket. It even reached as far as Sardinia.

Greece: Experts estimate that the cold will continue until the New Year, and snow is expected even in coastal areas. Due to the intense snowfall in many parts of the country, the use of snow chains has become necessary in many places. Reportedly, dozens of cars are trapped for the last 2.5 hours near the tunnel of Artemisium, in the direction towards Tripoli, due to the snow.

For a complete summary of the New Year snow blitz, CLICK HERE.

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January So Far


Even though the last few days will certainly raise your eyebrows in terms of the deep chill, January is starting out near normal when you average out the two very mild days that we had on January 3 and January 4. Seasonal snow total up to today’s date is also falling in the normal range up to this point.

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