Climate Conversation

Climate professor John Christy addresses virtually every common-sense angle of our Earth’s climate system. This video should be mandatory viewing for any student doing research on our Earth’s climate system.

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Wild Week

On Monday, July 13, WeatherNation secured dramatic drone video of a Kansas tornado near Hutchinson. Video by: Justin Watkins

Yesterday (Thursday, July 16, 2015) this massive “wedge” tornado with multiple vorticies struck near Monmouth, Illinois, near Burlington, Iowa. Credit: Kholby Martin/KDR Media

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Sunset Now 8:59 PM

For a relatively brief window, our NEOhio sun sets at 9:00 P.M. or later. No more. Even though there is only a six minute difference between the latest sunset (9:05 P.M.) and tonight, there seems to be a psychological effect at the news that we will not see the sun set at 9 P.M. or later until next June 9th, 2016.

I had many comments weighing in on my Facebook Fan Page that lamented that thought, but there is no need for lamenting. While the sunsets are technically earlier than during the latest ones, the change toward earlier sunsets is almost imperceptibly small. The change accelerates in August and the next landmark time is reached in September.


I’ve been sent a review copy of this weather book by Bernard Mergen. It looks interesting! The author will be joining me soon on a future episode of WeatherJazz® to talk about his book and about a topic we all love, weather.


Finally, a little Pluto humor. With so many beautiful images of our most distant planet in our own solar system, several photos made me smile. This one is courtesy


And here’s one more for your evening chuckle:


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July 4th Preview

Much of June has been dogged by a stubborn stationary front which has kept our pattern very wet. Most places in NEOhio are running 1-3″ above normal in rainfall, but that is still well under the top ten rainiest Junes on record.


The largely “zonal” jet stream flow blazing a path across the Buckeye State appears to be buckling as a heat ridge develops in the western United States. The result for us as we approach July will be a cool pattern, but this may be enough to push the thundery bands to our south and give us a break from the persistent thundery clusters.


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Amazing Timelapse

The first 23 seconds of this 3 minute timelapse is amazing. Watch as a severe thunderstorm passing just to the north of the WJW-TV studios sends a wild gust front toward the lakeshore. This was filmed on Wednesday, May 27, 2015, from 5:55 PM to 7:25 PM.

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