July 4th Preview

Much of June has been dogged by a stubborn stationary front which has kept our pattern very wet. Most places in NEOhio are running 1-3″ above normal in rainfall, but that is still well under the top ten rainiest Junes on record.


The largely “zonal” jet stream flow blazing a path across the Buckeye State appears to be buckling as a heat ridge develops in the western United States. The result for us as we approach July will be a cool pattern, but this may be enough to push the thundery bands to our south and give us a break from the persistent thundery clusters.


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Amazing Timelapse

The first 23 seconds of this 3 minute timelapse is amazing. Watch as a severe thunderstorm passing just to the north of the WJW-TV studios sends a wild gust front toward the lakeshore. This was filmed on Wednesday, May 27, 2015, from 5:55 PM to 7:25 PM.

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22 Inconvenient Climate Truths

According to Jean-Pierre Bardinet, the list of facts regarding climate change is rather inconvenient if you are a warming alarmist. That list is long. He took the time to list 22 of them. Here are the first five:

1. The Mean Global Temperature has been stable since 1997…

2. 57% of the cumulative anthropic emissions since the beginning of the Industrial revolution have been emitted since 1997…

3. The amount of CO2 of the air from anthropic emissions is today no more than 6% of the total CO2 in the air…

4. The lifetime of CO2 molecules in the atmosphere is about 5 years instead of the 100 years said by IPCC…

5. The changes of the Mean Global Temperature are more or less sinusoidal with a well defined 60 year period. We are at a maximum of the sinusoid(s) and hence the next years should be cooler as has been observed after 1950….

The entire article is excellent, and well-researched, certainly worthy of anyone’s time. Click here to read the entire essay.

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Slow, But Sure

The milder air will begin to position itself in the Ohio Valley right after one more showery cool push of air. From the looks of things, temperatures tickling the 70°F on a frequent basis will begin late this weekend and early next week.


Chart courtesy WeatherBell.com



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Calbuco Eruption

After laying dormant for nearly forty years, Calbuco explosively erupted yesterday sending a plume of fire, ash, and smoke miles high.

Footage from the area shows a huge column of lava and ash being sent several kilometres into the air.

The authorities have declared a red alert and evacuated more than 4,000 people within a 20km (12 mile) radius.

The Calbuco volcano is one of the most active in Chile, but its eruption took officials in the area by surprise.

Check out the timelapse video captured below:

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